About Accession 3

A Journey Starts With One Step

If you’re not working in the financial world every day it can be a confusing area to navigate.  We understand that.  Our team is passionate about finance. At Accession3 we guarantee we’ve got someone, or know someone, for every financial world problem you have. That should help you Take Control!

We understand your talent lies in the business you have chosen to run.  Our talent lies in assisting you with working on your business rather than in your business.  

We may not know the appropriate depth to plant a cotton or wheat seed with a semi-promising moisture profile, with a prediction of rain in the following week or the optimum feed requirements to meet weight ratios at the livestock sale yards next week.  We may not know how to make that perfect cup of coffee, ensure the engineering specs are right, straighten teeth, apply a filling, how to get that council application right or ensure the turn down service is A+.  What we do know is how to help you build, grow and protect your business or your personal financial situation.

Myf, Nick and the team of dedicated and capable employees are committed to your success.

We love to help, we value building lasting and successful relationships which lead to both your success, our team’s success and our success.